Bringing structure to an unstructured world

The world of Data is facing a perfect storm. An explosion of unstructured data, data sources in multiple formats, streaming data from sensors and IoT devices, and all of it being stored in data lakes.

The problem is that in order to use all this unstructured data it must first be tagged, and then grouped together in order to be consumed. As a result, up to 73% of company data goes unused.*

*April, 12 2018,, Jeff Barrett

It's time we rethink our approach to Data.

Current solutions, built in a world of structured data, can only scale by adding more processing cost or adding more people.

Processer Approach

Increasing processing power is not scalable as the quantity of data is growing faster than processing capability, and scaling up is very expensive.

Human Approach

Increasing people power is not scalable either as it slows down the data tagging process, making it not viable for AI, and manual tagging adds bias and errors into the data

What is needed to deliver unstructured data at scale?

Scaleability: A platform not held back by file type or file size, where anyone can use any data, regardless of origin

Not Processor Intensive: A platform where the costs do not grow as the need to deliver more data grows

Discoverable for AI: The ability to quickly create user-defined libraries of attributes tailored for specific uses and verticals

Privacy Driven: A platform where working on large datasets can be accomplished by eliminating PII for B2C, or where datasets can be tailored for different partners for B2B

Enter the PixelTitan Advantage

Our unique patent-pending technology allows us to process the definitions of data, instead of the data itself for near real-time insight generation. By performing Attribution & Aggregation simultaneously we created a dramatically faster platform that returns results using a fraction of the effort required in current approaches. The key is our attribute engine, which gives companies the power to drive value and uncover revenue from any data, from any source, in any combination

We're Already Changing The Landscape

Our optimized process can deliver a new realtime experience with professionally captured media in large venues to its guests. While also opening new revenue streams to the venue clients.

The features your business needs

Built with simplicity in mind, Pixel Titan solutions will make it faster to make sense of all your data.

Visual Pipeline

Get an instant snapshot of the stages your data sets are at. Don’t waste your time on trying to keep up and updating them.

Team Collaboration

Easily share your results and insights across your team, and organization.

All your data in one place

Put the focus back on results. With our intelligent, and customizable platform you can stop wating time integrating data sources and now be in sync to focus their time on increasing revenue.

User Access Roles

Easily safeguard your results, and also what sources your employees have access to. Discreet attribute sharing also allows for data to be utilized while limiting risk.

Useful Reports

High level executive summary dashboards to hyper-granular interactive analyst views come standard.

Multi-source Processing

Integrate our models created from beyond your own data sets into your workflow and pipelines to accelerate insight generation.

Companies Love PixelTitan's Ease of Use

Grow your business with Pixel Titan's first-of-its-kind data analytics platform.

What is PT Arc, anyway?

We erased the confusing terms of the past and created a simple interface that is completely configurable to your needs.

Top companies are using Pixel Titan

Our customers are committed to succeeding in a flexible future.

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