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Our team has been solving data problems for years across media, entertainment, and technology. We have worked with Hollywood studios and major league sports, as well as some of the largest tech companies in the world including Apple, Google, Hitachi, IBM, and Samsung. Now we are focused on solving the biggest data problem we have faced: what if anyone could use anyone’s data?

Steven Solidarios

Chief Creative Officer (Founder)

Steve is a 15 year professional media veteran, and self-taught engineer. His passion for creating homebrew solutions to real world problems was the genesis of what would become PixelTitan's core technology. His unique perspective as an outsider to the world of Big Data left him unencumbered by convention to explore a solution based on how should systems work if they were designed from the ground up.

Jonathan Martini

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan is a lifelong seeker of patterns in chaos. That obsession found a home with the rise of Big Data & Data Science. During his twenty years in Silicon Valley Jonathan has been involved with some of the leading data initiatives in tech through his time at Google with MapReduce and BigQuery, and internal facing data tools at Apple. His teams have tackled problems as diverse as Marketing Automation, Predictive Analytics, and Distributed Computing. He now resides outside of Nashville, Tennessee where he leads our engineering teams on creating our groundbreaking technology platform.

Christopher Caen

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher has been around technology since the early eighties, where he spent a large portion of his misspent youth running around the halls of Atari and playing Asteroids. Since then he has worked on both the client and the agency side for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Informix, and NEC, and at startups as a senior executive as well as a CEO. Over the last five years he has worked with some of the largest companies in IoT and Connected Data, and has spoken at conferences and led panels with companies including Intel, Amazon, Samsung, Hitachi, and Accenture.

Lee Ruttenberg

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Ruttenberg comes to Pixel Titan with decades of financial, operational, and strategic experience for a variety of companies in media, broadcast and technology. He worked for Carolco Pictures Inc., first as Corporate Controller, and then continuing to provide consulting including helping spearhead Carolco’s initial public offering and actively working in the acquisition of International Video Entertainment (the predecessor company to Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Artisan and LIVE Entertainment). Mr. Ruttenberg has also worked with technology companies such as American Mobile Power Systems in custom power solutions for technology products and K2 Network, a producer of video games that pioneered the use of the free-to-play (or "freemium") business model.

Steve Maslanka

VP, Head of Client Services

Steve is a creative senior management professional with over a decade experience driving customer success, project management and operations management. He has a demonstrated success of working in the media and technology industries, directly responsible for sales, service, client teams. and business development. Steve is heading up our client services team to ensure our products and services deliver innovative and profitable solutions for our clients. He has worked with the San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies and other Major League Baseball teams, oversaw special projects with The Golden Gate National Park Association, as well as with a number of NBA and NHL teams.

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